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动漫电影Chongqing Lange Machinery Group Co., Ltd., also known as Lange Machinery Group (Code: LGMG) is a specialized enterprise group headquartered in China, possessing of two professional groups specializing in the automobile and marine industries respectively. The group is focusing on the design, research and development, and manufacturing activities in the two industries, and is a worldwide systems integrator and supplier of automobile and marine industries. Based on the sustainable development and the maximizing efficiency of management, Lange Machinery Group has emerged as one of the world's finest globalization enterprise.

动漫电影The name of Lange was born from the Economic Theory -The Lange Mode, proposed by Oskar R. Lange in 1936. The Lange theory emphasizes the idea of Efficiency in Resource Allocation.

Auto Industy
Marine Industy

动漫电影Lange Auto Industry, the earliest industry of Lange Machinery Group, is focusing on manufacture, research and development of auto parts and offers the service to the global automobile industry and the automotive aftermarket. Our clients are mainly from America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Malaysia, Greece and Singapore, more than 60 countries.

Lange Marine Industry as one of the two main industries, is focusing on design and manufacture of marine equipment, and mainly provides integrated system and equipment for shipyards, ship owners and offshore platforms world widely. And our existing partners are from Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Croatia, Egypt, Malaysia, France, Denmark, Greece, America and India, more than 50 Shipping countries and regions.

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